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Name:Alba Invicta Mods
"The Emperor is Dead! Long Live the Emperor!"

Three months ago the Emperor died, complications of the liver was the official diagnosis but everyone knows the Emperor's decadent and unsavory lifestyle was what actually killed him. He leaves his only legitimate heir, his thirteen-year old son, at the helm of the Alban Empire. The boy is young, educated but untried - and surrounded by people of shifting loyalties and questionable motives. The previous Emperor was not a wise man, and his favor had been easily bought, which puts his heir, and the Empire, in a precarious situation.

Within the heart of the Empire, nobles scheme and plot for power, wealth, and influence over the young Emperor; the Academy is fighting itself over research ethics and grant allocation; there are criminal gangs engaged in a shadow war amidst the alleys and backstreets of the cities; laborers are protesting the loss of their jobs as steam-powered industry rises; across the sea, the colonies chafe under the rule of the governors, with seditious literature starting to appear amongst the youth; and explorers are bringing back strange artifacts with unknown consequences.

Against this backdrop of turmoil, rise or fall, you will play your part in the Empire.


Alba Invicta is a steampunk fantasy RPG - we have room for political intrigue and high adventure, criminals knifing each other in dirty back alleys and socialites sniping each other in high society salons, ivory tower academics and blue collar activists, soldiers and priests.

We hope you like rats.
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